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Momentum continues to trail-blaze in the sector, with a new CEO announcement.

January 9, 2024

If everything goes to plan, Momentum Mental Health will achieve its goals and be out of business within a decade or two. And, Chairman of the Board Chris Black, is quite happy about that.

Momentum Mental Health has an unusual business model – to aim for a future where people no longer need their services. “We aspire to lead a community of people that have full and flourishing mental health,” said the Chairman of the Board Chris Black. “A community that cares for each other and everyone has the inbuilt resources and personal resilience to overcome life’s challenges. A community that won’t be so dependent on need mental health services like they are now.” said Mr Black.

In saying that, the reality of today is very different, and adverse mental health is a huge problem facing so many people. “So, we still have a huge amount of work to do to execute our vision.” said Mr Black.

“When people come to us, one of the first things we do is help them plan for their exit,” said Mr Black. “A high percentage of our members exit the service with improved wellbeing and we should celebrate that they have built the skills, connections, and most importantly the confidence, to feel they no longer need us.”

The team at Momentum are committed to challenging and influencing the mental health system to find a better way. Part of this includes helping people before they find themselves in crisis, and the organisation welcomes anyone who wants to work on aspects of their overall wellbeing at any stage in their mental health journey.

“People come along for a myriad of reasons,” he said. “This could be anything from struggling to find purpose day to day or wanting to build stamina to get back in the workforce.”

This innovative industry positioning for a mental health organisation requires a bold leader, with an unshakable entrepreneurial spirit to steer the ship.

“We are proud to announce that our new CEO is Shirley-Anne Gardiner.” He said.

Shirley-Anne Gardiner formerly Executive Director , Toowoomba Hospital at Darling Downs Health, comes with a string of enviable accolades and a positive attitude which aligns with the Momentum culture perfectly. She is one of Toowoomba’s most respected leaders in the health sector, and the team is excited to welcome her to Momentum.

“I have a passion for the social determinants of health. The evidence-based 5 Ways to Wellbeing program which underpins the work that we do at Momentum Mental Health resonates strongly with me.” said Mrs Gardiner.

“Momentum’s removal of traditional barriers like needing a referral or diagnosis of mental illness is just how the health system should be.” She said. “There is no judgement and our members come from all walks of life – professionals, students, and unemployed.”

Clients and the local community are invited to attend the monthly Open House BBQ at Momentum on Thursday 3rd of August to meet Shirley-Anne and to learn more about the programs which the not-for-profit has on offer.

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