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Big Hearts. Big Cheque. Big Results.

August 31, 2021

In December 2012 Ari Kucuku sustained a work injury to his left hand that would forever change his life. In an instant, he went from maintaining two highly physical jobs, daily training and competing as an athlete in bodybuilding to becoming unemployed, unable to work, train and in delipidating severe chronic pain.

He became depressed, withdrawn, and found little interest in things he once loved doing, and ultimately, suicide became an option. Ari’s wife Amanda had lost her brother in 2011 due to suicide, and she understood the signs of depression and urgently supported him to seek help. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to this kind of support.

Nine years later, Ari has successfully founded and directed his company KP Protection Services, welcomed the birth of his son, purchased his first home and experienced many more life changing experiences.  Despite frustrating setbacks due to his injury; including loss of function and severe chronic pain in his left hand; Ari continued to engage in physical training to support both his physical and mental health.

In July 2021 Ari set his sights on a lofty goal, to compete in the International Federation of Bodybuilding’s State Championship scheduled for October 2021. Since then, Ari has harnessed his past experience with depression, his passion for elite sports training and his drive to champion mental health awareness to undertake 16 weeks of intense physical training. Along with Ari’s training and strict dietary goals for the state championship, he has also been raising funds to spotlight local mental health and wellbeing support service Momentum Mental Health.