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Dr. Clive Williams.

About Dr. Clive

Clive is a psychologist with 40 years experience in clinical, hospital and organisational settings involving individuals, couples, families and organisations. Key to his work is a fundamental belief that life is change and in this respect, most of his career has focused on identifying the key aspects of any change process, that is, helping people navigate the change whilst problem solving. Further his model of change includes both the external real-world skills required and the internal psychological skills needed to manage the inevitable anxiety associated with any change.

He is author of the book A Mudmap for Living which outlines this process of navigating change whilst problem solving and he has numerous articles published on this change process in various psychological journals as well as making presentations both nationally and internationally. More recently as a Director of Blokepedia his focus has included the area of men’s mental health in both personal and organisational settings identifying barriers to helping men change and adapt in these areas. Clive’s private practice is in Toowoomba however he works with clients and organisations nationally and internationally.

When not changing the world one person at a time Clive is busy singing to his horses that he and his husband breed on the Darling Downs. Clive is third generation racing family so horses are part of his DNA though he has no clue about how to bet. He also secretly harbours the belief that he could have won X Factor many times over if only he had applied.