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Drum roll please, introducing the new board members for Momentum Mental Health.

October 18, 2021

Turning the tide of mental health in our region, making wellbeing accessible to everyone, taking a front seat in creating solutions that address Australia’s greatest health challenges… These are just a few of the reasons why our two new esteemed board members, Jane Ranger, Chief Finance Officer Darling Downs Health, and Dr. Clive Williams Psychologist, Director at Blokepedia and Published Author said they wanted to join the Momentum Mental Health Board of Directors.

Momentum Mental Health (formerly Toowoomba Clubhouse) is a community mental wellbeing organisation that provides one-to-one and group coaching support to people who want to work on their mental health and wellbeing.

For 25 years the organisation has focused on delivering services for people with severe and persistent mental illness. From 1 July, the organisation changed name and adjusted the core vision to working with whole community wellbeing and mental health. This new focus is a response to the local community need and strives to flip the way that we respond to mental health and suicide in our region. 

Momentum Mental Health Board Chair Chris Black is open about his mission to build a powerhouse team.

“We have been working to build a set of tremendous skills around the table.” He said.

“Momentum Mental Health is approaching mental health and wellbeing in an entirely fresh way, and it is exciting to be at the forefront as we roll out these new initiatives. It is essential that our board has informed voices and proven experience across various sectors, and we have achieved this goal with these new appointments.”

Momentum Mental Health CEO Debbie Bailey is delighted to have Clive and Jane as part of the team.

“A distinguished board who understand the renewed vision is integral in our future plans.” She said.

“Both Clive and Jane are perfectly placed to enable us to create and deliver programs which provide support to anyone who wants to work on their Mental Health and Wellbeing, even if they don’t fit the criteria for a funded program. Unfortunately, too many people fall through the cracks in our system or are turned away just when they need the support most.”