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4 Day Week.

Momentum is trialling a 4 Day Working Week from 1 August 2022

What is the 4 Day Working Week?

The 4 Day Working Week is founded on the belief that businesses can increase productivity by reducing working hours and by working smarter.

The approach Momentum Mental Health will be trialling is the “100:80:100” model – which means employees will receive 100% of their pay while working 80% of their contracted hours, in exchange for a commitment to maintain at least 100 % productivity.

Why is Momentum Mental Health trialling the 4 Day Working Week?

Adopting a 4 Day Working Week is a business improvement strategy centred on working smarter rather than longer, with significant investment in the wellbeing of the most important asset to any organisation – people.

Over the past six months we have been working closely with expert mentors who originally researched and then implemented “The 4-day Week” at New Zealand finance company Perpetual Guardian. This process has enabled us to fully understand the productivity and wellbeing benefits that the 4 Day Working Week could have for our employees, our members and the community.

Our decision to take part in the 4 Day Working Week pilot is based on a whole host of positive benefits that arise from shortening the working week, and will see improvements in the wellbeing of our employees in the first instance, and our members and partners by extension.


Got more questions? Check out our FAQ Document


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